• Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition CD Key - Steam
    • Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition CD Key - Steam
      Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition CD Key - Steam
      • Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition CD Key - Steam

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    Title: Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition
    Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG
    Publisher: SQUARE ENIX, Eidos Interactive
    Developer: United Front Games, Feral Interactive (Mac) 
    Release Date: 8, Oct 2014
    Languages: English, French, Germany, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Russian,

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    About the Game:

    Sleeping Dogs focuses on a police officer attempting to bring down criminal factions. The game takes place in a fictional Hong Kong with players assuming control of Detective Wei Shen, an officer of the San Francisco Police Department, who had been seconded to the Hong Kong Police Force. Wei has been assigned by the Organized Crime and Triad Bureau to go undercover and infiltrate the Triad society called Sun On Yee and take them down. There are two subplots contained within the main storyline. The first is Wei's personal struggle between completing his mission as a police officer, and having to commit crimes to prove his worth to the triad. The other subplot consists of completing the missions set out by triad lieutenant (Winston), such as killing triad members who are loyal to competing lieutenants. The island is divided into four fictional districts which are named after some real-life neighborhoods. Although Kowloon and other towns, villages, and islands of the Hong Kong region will not be featured in the game, portions of the in-game North Point district will be based on certain neighborhoods of Kowloon. A fictional Lamma Island will also be featured in the game, according to the in-game map screen shown in recent demos.

    For more details about the game, please refer: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sleeping_Dogs_(video_game)

    Game screen shots:

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