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  • CD Keys Delivery:

    The CD keys selling at cdkeyexpress.com will be sent via e-mail to your Paypal e-mail address, if no special requests.

    CD key may include the original official scanned image, which will be in the e-mail attachment.

    We offer instant delivery, actually, we may need time to confirm the order information, the ETA of CD keys is 5 to 60 mins at cdkeyexpress.com.

    Refund or Replace:

    You may ask for a full refund before any CD keys you purchased delivered.

    Only if the offical evidence for the CD key unvalid provided, will you get full refund or replacement. Etc, a claimed screen printed from battle.net for an unvalid Diablo CD key.

    We keep the right to refuse other reasons asking for refund or replacement, like mistake purchases, unsuitable version CD keys purchases...