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    "NBA 2K16" new trailer - that's your basketball life!

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    There are many players who playing "NBA 2K" series games is only for the career mode, however, play the role of NBA player galloping on area, from nobody to grow into a legend, it is the dream of all basketball fans. Now "NBA 2K16" public new trailer showing us more detail of the career mode.

    "NBA 2K16" will be more emphasis on career mode, the developers even invited the famous director Spike Lee to make the career mode to be a new experience of a full story. The new trailer is the display of these contents.

    In the past "NBA 2K" series, the only active place for the players is court, outside of the stadium is a lot of data interface. The new version will increase a lot of content in this aspect. In addition to the game, players will also have the opportunity to customize and personalize their home and court, seems there have appeared social links in the video. That is, players in "NBA 2K16" will be more like a real person, rather than a virtual characters just going into play again and again.

    In fact the career mode has been highly popular, therefore the career model will become increasingly valued in 2K series. It is conceivable that the proportion of career will become increasingly large, maybe even develop into "The Sims" of basketball.

    New version will be released on September 29 landing PS4, Xbox One and PC, if you haven't bought this game yet, may click HERE to preorder it.

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