Steam account how to do family sharing

Sometimes, we need to share games with other steam accounts on your computer and different computers.

Here are a few steps of doing a steam family sharing, its easy to do,

Step-1: Login Steam by the account that you want to share games, click settings as image shows,

Step-2: Select Family, you may see two options, do family view and family sharing, details, please check steam instructions.

Step 3: Click  manager family view, select games that you want to share,

Step4: Input Email address to use PIN verification,

Step-5: Input the code that sent to your Email address to enable family view,

Step-6: Done

Step-7: Check game library,

If you wan to return to normal view:

At Step2 you may authorize 10 computes and  choose up to 5 accounts to access these computes to share your game.

Login your selected accounts on these authorized computers to play shared games.

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Digital Combat Simulator DCS, maybe the best flight simulator game

If you love flight, love flight games, we recommend you a very good game today.

Digital Combat Simulator, also called DCS world, one of the best fight simulator games in the world.  It was released on 18 Mar, 2013, earned a very positive reviews on steam store.

DCS World is a vehicle combat simulation game created by an inspired development team. DCS World uses a powerful engine that delivers realistic gameplay.

The base game is free to play, but it has 19DLCs (Download Contents), to collect all dlcs may cost about 650USD. Its pretty not “free”.

Other than steam, the game has an official website, we can activate all DLCs there. Retail CD Keys were able to activated on steam. While some time later, all retail CD Keys are not worked on steam.

If we need steam version, we have to buy from steam store or from steam gift.

Retail version is not hard to activate, when you activated the game or DLC, you may download from official website.

DCS: A-10C Warthog – DLC and Black Shark 2 are two most popular DLCs in them. specialized to provide DCS DLCs at very cheap price, for example, you may find Black Shark 2 only  17USD here, while the official price is 39.99USD, that means, you save about 60% of the price.

Guarantee: All DCS CD Keys are 100% legit, and won’t get black listed, which won’t harm your account and game playing.

Before playing this great game, please choose what plane you plan to fly with. Check all planes here by link,

Great game, wish you a great experience~!~

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Game suggestion: Orcs Must Die! Franchise Pack

Orcs Must Die! Franchise Pack, briefly to say, its a full pack of game Orcs Must Die! and Orcs Must Die!2. It includes all the base game and DLCs,

The details are as follows,

7 items: Orcs Must Die! 2, Orcs Must Die 2 – Are We There Yeti?, Orcs Must Die! 2 – Fire and Water Booster Pack, Orcs Must Die! 2 – Family Ties Booster Pack, Orcs Must Die!, Orcs Must Die! – Artifacts of Power, Orcs Must Die! – Lost Adventures

As we see, the official price is 34.99USD at steam store, while our price is more than half cheaper, only 15.99USD. Which you can only buy a base game for Orcs Must Die! 2 on steam store.

Orcs Must Die! 2 has a Overwhelmingly Positive reviews, that means, you don’t need to worry about the game and play mates.

And what we will send is global steam CD Key code, with no region restrictions for activation and game play.

At last, we put a link that to the product,

Wish ~ enjoy with us,

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The back story of the default WinXP/Vista/Win7 desktop wallpaper.

Recently, Microsoft announced the Win10 desktop wallpaper: Hero Desktop.

Microsoft makes the behind scenes of Windows 10 default desktop wallpaper into a footage, introduces the origin of the desktop.

Let’s look back the default WinXP/Vista/Win7 desktop wallpapers and their stories.

Hero ▲ Win10 Wallpaper Hero

This photo was taken by G Munkowitz Bradley, a science fiction movie “Oblivion” and “Tron”, which was produced by the use of digital modeling and rendering or Photoshop and other image processing software.

▲ Win10 Hero shooting process

The following picture is Windows XP default desktop wallpaper,  which is also the longest time with Windows Users,  it is a bit unrealistic, but it’s indeed a former American National Geographic Magazine Photographer Chuck Awiel’s hand, and without PS.

▲ Windows XP Wallpaper Bliss

Photo is taken in the Sonoma County, California, The name Bliss (“heaven”) is from local rolling green hills, blue sky and layered, roll cloud. It is said that because of the popularity of XP Windows, the audience of this photo is more than 1,000,000,000 people,  is the world’s highest awareness of photos.

▲Chuck Awiel

Windows Vista and its northern lights Wallpaper gives the impression is gentle and peaceful, its designer is Jenny Lam, former Microsoft design team of female designers. Jenny believes that the desktop should give users a great freedom of choice, but can not transfer the focus of the operating system. When Jenny stood in Sonoma County of the hill looking up to the sky, Aurora Borealis burst of inspiration, so the Windows Vista Wallpaper was design as a sense of space, Jenny also takes Windows Vista Wallpaper as a regard of Windows XP.

▲ Windows Vista The Northern Lights

Windows 7 beta default desktop wallpaper is a small fish, which is a special kind of Siamese fighting fish, the English name of Siamese fighting fish, also called the Betta Fish, mystery here, Betta has a similar pronunciation as beta, that is, it appears in win7 beta desktop systems. Microsoft has confirmed this argument. Netizens also carefully found a total of 7 fish spit bubbles, is another mystery of Windows 7 Beta.

▲Win7 Beta Fish

Win7 default desktop style and login interface style can be traced to the same origin, but Microsoft’s decision will be set as the default desktop pattern in the center of the windows logo. At the beginning of the creative logo such as glass is generally transparent, although the subtle beauty, but did not reflect the atmosphere of Microsoft, so be abandoned.
▲Win7 Original Wallpaper

Win7 wallpaper is designed by a young man named Anderson Chuck, only 24 years old, Win7 is the best look of the operating systems, the design of the Chuck is assumed to reflect the characteristics of the pressure. The Chuck and fellow brain storms have come up with all the “windows”, but they must be simple and highly recognizable, and the best is the combination of natural, basic graphics, and digital graphic elements that are placed in the four quadrant of logo. After logo will be reduced as much as possible, new problems of the loose lines, glaring color and picture imbalance appeared again. After adjustment, and finally only retained the 7 light, interesting details are small notes on the 7 small leaves, suggesting that the identity of Win7.
▲Win7 Harmony
Windows 7 Harmony designer – Chuck Anderson

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Grand Theft Auto V the steam version buy online.

As we know, Grand Theft Auto V is one of the big work in year 2015.

GTAV has Rockstar version and Steam version, more and more players like steam version as its smart download and update. But this game has not a good price currently.

For most players, to spend the whole price is the only choice, actually you could save some bucks. If you has not yet got the game, here is the suggestion, maybe the best price nowadays for GTAV steam version –

However, we have not yet found any supply for Steam CD Key for GTAV, actually, as we know other stores don’t have this kind of CD Key either. This game steam version can only be purchased directly.

While, for some reason, we cannot gift it either, we need a temp login to purchase directly. So if you could accept provide temp access, the game will be activated to your account very soon. And VPN? we say loudly NOOOOO!

This is one of accounts that got GTAV activated,


There are many buyers chat with us like this,

GTAV chat

And this is the reviews page, all of them are posted by real buyers, some of them even left account name.

Its lucky that you found us, a good game store from year 2009, you will know how sincere we are, and GTAV will be 100% fine.

If you want enjoy GTAV, don’t be more hesitated. Here is the best place, 5 -10 minutes activation, you will see.

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About steam gifts and VPN activate.

Nowadays, some games are sent by steam gift, that we are worrying about,

Steam gift is a game copy that can be redeemed on steam platform, it activates the game to steam account or keep in steam inventory and activate later or send to others,

Some times, steam gift is a gift link, click the link, the game will be activated or added to inventory, when steam gift is accepted, the sender will know, because the game copy is disappeared from the inventory.

Actually, the same as CD Key, steam gifts activate games also without problem. The only matter we need to pay attention to is where and how did the steam gifts come from.

Generally, if the game copy was purchased with full payment, the steam gift of the copy has no problem.  If the payment got a problem, the steam gift will be reserved by steam.

As we know, games that bought from RU regions are much cheaper than others, however more and more games got restricted from RU steam, some games even cannot be run by other regions.

RU region steam gifts are purchased by real person in that region, so the payment and purchase has no problem, we don’t need to worry about.

So if we use VPN to activate the game, many games can be played without RU IP address, a few cannot be run.

What we need to avoid is this “a few”, we can activate with VPN, but we cannot accept to keep VPN to run the game.

In order to offer cheap games, CDkeyexpress selles steam gifts also, some of them need VPN to activate, however, we promise its region free to play after being activated. We don’t sell RUN-Restricted games.

And there are many games selling by CD Key digital code way, almost everyone knows how to use a CD Key, pay attention to region restrictions also.

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Retail Arma II and Arrowhead Operations added on steam,

As we know, Arma II and Arrowhead Operations were one of the best seller, on steam store, or outside of steam (retail version),

Retail version Arma II and Arrowhead Operations CD Key format is xxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx, which could not be redeemed on steam,

From now on, the exciting thing is we can redeem it directly on steam, and region freely works, even its 4-5-5-5-5 format, lets say goodbye to the download, install, update and unknow kinds of problems,

Whatever, if you still like retail version, thats not a problem also, NO DRM is always the ultimate best,

Buy Arma II Combined Operations will get Arma II and Arrowhead Operations, and can play Dayz mod, which might be the best choice by Arma II players,

Show an image on steam that has Arma II CO activated, and happy to play!

arma 2 Combined Operations

Buy from our store, may go link:

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Company of heroes has been added to steam

As we know, company of heroes CD Keys were not be able to redeemed on steam, but works on relic online play only.

After seven years of bomb savagely, company of Heroes is the time should have a rest, the old Quazal server on Ubisoft has been officially closed on May 7th, but the war is not ended, a new home, the Steamworks server will replace the old server work, the company has issued a notice to recently, suggest that the old game players transfer account information as soon as possible.

If your Steam client with the game, and has been updated to the “Heroes” of the latest version of Steam (Company of Heroes New Steam Version), then you will not be affected by the replacement of the server, but the use of other versions of the game player needs through the Steam CD Key reactivation of a game, the specific method is to select the game options in the “Activate a Product on Steam” (product activation on Steam) project.

A strange thing, there are a large part of game players complainted company to replace the server ‘s behavior, the reason for this is that this action forces all game players to mandate the use of the Steam client (Steam client), but whether the game player who can see this, the company’s plan will not change.

This change happens a few months before Company of Heroes 2 come, which means, we dont need to worry about Company of Heroes 2, it will definitely be a steamworks, and ofcourse region free.

When Company of heroes comes to steam, Bulletstorm moved to origin, obviously, the competition between EA and steam has never stopped and all games are prefer to be released on these platforms that provide directly downloads and updates. Which is the development of PC game in future.

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Retail Arma II Operation Arrowhead activation.

Arma II Operation Arrowhead is an independent expansion of Arma II, some players got errors when trying to acitvate Operation Arrowhead. We are talking about retail version, not steam.

Error 1, “Wrong CD Key”, obviously, the CD Key has problem, invalid or banned or wrong.

Error 2, “bad serial number given in setup”, this because you downloaded install free version or cracked version.

Error 3, “is not a valid integer value”, this may happen when you try to activate GOG version Combined Operation.

Error 4, “Invalid serial number”, this happen on the step of securom.

Error 5, “No entry ‘bin\config.bin/Cfg…”, not sure why..

Before Fixing these errors, let’s start installing cleanly Operation Arrowhead,

Step 1 see image,

Throught these steps, we can see two errors,

Wrong CD Key and Securm requires you input DVD

At the Step 4, we change to input a good CD Key to get to the Step 5, or will get an error saying “Wrong CD Key”.


OK, Lets get start to fix these problems,

Please install game freshly, don’t use install free patch or crack version.

At the Step 4, we change to input a good CD Key to get to the Step 5, or will get an error saying “Wrong CD Key”. The fix is just need a real good CD Key.

Lets see the problem “Invalid serial number” and requires insert original DVD. This is securom step like some other retail games. Fix is need to get patched by the link,, we suggest you choose the lastest version at the top, though most of the other versions can fix this problem.

“bad serial number given in setup”, this may because the game version does not match with the patch version, so please update game to the lastest version (at least V1.59), and take the lastest patch. Here we consider serial number the same as in securom.

“is not a valid integer value”, this may happens only for GOG version of Combined Operation. GOG version Combined Operation inludes three codes, one is arma 2 CD Key, another is Operation Arrowhead CD Key, the third is a sequence, you need to input all codes (all after serial number is:) to activate the full game.

“No entry bin\config.bin/Cfg…”, it can be fixed also by using the lastest patch.

In summary, if you want to play this game by a CD Key, please follow the steps,

–>Download and install game by Operation Arrowhead retail CD Key,

–>Update game to the lastest version,

–>Get patched the the lastest patch file,

–>Launch in game and enjoy!

Wish you game with no error!

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TERA Online Free to Play now!

The TERA US and EU operator En Masse annonced on Feb 4, TERA US and EU has its name changed to be TERA Rising, and start Free to Play.

One of the biggest change on this update (F2P) is the game accounts level segmentation, specific division way: after the game user paying fee will be awarded the “founder” level, a new free users will be awarded the “standard” level, the new user paying fee ($15 per month) will be awarded the “elite” level.Three grade account can experience all game content.But founder account can get an extra character slots, bank labels and mount, elite account can obtain dungeon rewards, new task, daily props, mounts and store discount.

On these days, you may still redeem retail Tera CD Key to upgrade your account to be founder level. While when its free to play, Amazon and other retailers have cancelled its sale ($19.99). Its hard to get retail CD Key any more. Some resellers has put the price to be $200 each key.

Did you get a big fish! :-p

Anyway, its free to play, a big good news for many players, enjoy it is important!

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